vSAN Health Service – vSAN Build Recommendation fails in 6.7 U1

Based on the community link https://communities.vmware.com/thread/591431 most of the customers are facing issue with vSAN build recommendation health check in 6.7 U1. Customers have come across this issue post updating/upgrading vSAN environment to 6.7U1.

If you do not know what this health check does, I would suggest to go through KB article https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2150914 and check the same. I have also written a post for the same health test myvmware login credentials are not working. In order to resolve the same one can follow attached article https://vhabit.com/my-vmware-com-login-credentials-are-not-set-please-login-with-proper-credentials-vsan-build-recommendation-engine-health/

In this blog post, I will discuss the issue occurs in 6.7U1. Below is the screenshot of the warning message.


Log collected from vCenter path : cd /var/log/vmware/vsan-health >  less vmware-vsan-health-service.log

Sample Logs: 

2018-11-19T11:58:08.24Z INFO vsan-mgmt[Thread-5908] [VsanVumSystemUtil::AddConfigIssue opID=noOpId] Add config issue createBaselineFailed

2018-11-19T11:58:08.24Z INFO vsan-mgmt[Thread-5908] [VsanVumSystemUtil::AddConfigIssue opID=noOpId] Skip create baseline failure

2018-11-19T12:00:08.176Z INFO vsan-mgmt[Thread-5931] [VsanVumConnection::RemediateVsanClusterInVum opID=noOpId] build = {'release': {'baselineName': 'VMware ESXi 6.7.0 (build 8169922)', 'isoDisplayName': 'VMware ESXi Release  6.7.0, Build 8169922', 'depotInfo': {'downloadurl': 'https://download2.vmware.com/software/esx/67/VMware-VMvisor-Installer-6.7.0-8169922.x86_64.iso', 'productfamily': 'VMware vSphere', 'familyversion': '6.7', 'params': '%7B%22sourcefilesize%22%3A%22346359808%22%2C%22dlgcode%22%3A%22ESXI670%22%2C%22languagecode%22%3A%22en%22%2C%22source%22%3A%22vswa%22%2C%22downloadtype%22%3A%22manual%22%2C%22eula%22%3A%22Y%22%2C%22downloaduuid%22%3A%22f4fa9947-85e7-4ffd-8287-9519bf903eb8%22%2C%22purchased%22%3A%22Y%22%2C%22dlgtype%22%3A%22Product+Binaries%22%2C%22productversion%22%3A%226.7.0%22%7D'}, 'profileName': 'ESXi-6.7.0-8169922-standard', 'bldnum': 8169922, 'vcVersion': ['6.7.0']}}

2018-11-19T12:00:08.177Z INFO vsan-mgmt[Thread-5931] [VsanVumSystemUtil::AddConfigIssue opID=noOpId] Add config issue createBaselineFailed

2018-11-19T12:00:08.177Z INFO vsan-mgmt[Thread-5931] [VsanVumSystemUtil::AddConfigIssue opID=noOpId] Skip create baseline failure

message = 'Incorrect my.vmware.com login credentials. Please retry login with proper credentials. Baselines will be generated, if applicable, in around 1 minute or so.'


2018-11-19T12:01:08.105Z INFO vsan-mgmt[Thread-6012] [VsanVumConnection::RemediateVsanClusterInVum opID=noOpId] build = {'release': {'baselineName': 'VMware ESXi 6.7.0 (build 8169922)', 'isoDisplayName': 'VMware ESXi Release  6.7.0, Build 8169922', 'depotInfo': {'downloadurl': 'https://download2.vmware.com/software/esx/67/VMware-VMvisor-Installer-6.7.0-8169922.x86_64.iso', 'productfamily': 'VMware vSphere', 'familyversion': '6.7', 'params': '%7B%22sourcefilesize%22%3A%22346359808%22%2C%22dlgcode%22%3A%22ESXI670%22%2C%22languagecode%22%3A%22en%22%2C%22source%22%3A%22vswa%22%2C%22downloadtype%22%3A%22manual%22%2C%22eula%22%3A%22Y%22%2C%22downloaduuid%22%3A%22f4fa9947-85e7-4ffd-8287-9519bf903eb8%22%2C%22purchased%22%3A%22Y%22%2C%22dlgtype%22%3A%22Product+Binaries%22%2C%22productversion%22%3A%226.7.0%22%7D'}, 'profileName': 'ESXi-6.7.0-8169922-standard', 'bldnum': 8169922, 'vcVersion': ['6.7.0']}}

2018-11-19T12:01:08.106Z INFO vsan-mgmt[Thread-6012] [VsanVumSystemUtil::AddConfigIssue opID=noOpId] Add config issue createBaselineFailed

2018-11-19T12:01:08.106Z INFO vsan-mgmt[Thread-6012] [VsanVumSystemUtil::AddConfigIssue opID=noOpId] Skip create baseline failure


These logs clearly states baseline creation failure is detected. Hence, VMware has released KB article https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/58891 which includes the link of results.json file. You can follow below steps to save the file and upload the same in vSAN Health. These steps can only be consumed in the environments where vCenter is not connected to Internet. If vCenter has internet access, follow method 2.

Method 1 ( For offline vCenter)

Steps 1:

Download results.json file from a link mentioned in KB https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/58891

Steps 2:

To manually upload the release catalog db file you will need to use the HTML client.

  1. Go to Hosts/Clusters
  2. Select your vsan cluster
  3. Go to Monitor
  4. Go to vSAN/Health
  5. Expand the “vSAN Build Recommendation health” check
  6. Select the “vSAN release catalog up-to-date” sub check
  7. Click the link “Update From File” and browse to / select the json file you previously downloaded

As you have uploaded latest released json file, it will set vSAN build recommendation to green. This is a manual method and if you want your vCenter to download periodic updates you can follow below method:

Method 2 ( vCenter has internet access)

Please follow https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/60380


I hope this will resolve vSAN Build recommendation health issues in 6.7 U1.


Feel free to share this article with peers and friends.


Thank you and happy learning!!

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