“my.vmware.com login credentials are not set. please login with proper credentials” vSAN Build Recommendation Engine Health

vSAN build recommendation is one of most important vSAN health check provided in vCenter webclient. This health check provides build recommendations based on the existing state of vSAN cluster. vSAN’s build recommendations for Update Manager require that Update Manager is available. The build recommendation engine relies on the VMware Compatibility Guide and VMware release metadata.

Internet connectivity and valid My VMware (my.vmware.com) credentials are required to download and provide build recommendations.

However, after completing all the prerequisites still some administrators are facing issue with health check. I have noticed one issue where internet access is enabled in webclient, proxy settings are correctly configured & HCLDB is getting updated regularly.

So, the issue is after entering credentials in my.vmware.com wizard vSAN Health check goes into green state but after 2 minutes it becomes yellow and shows the warning “”my.vmware.com login credentials are not set. please login with proper credentials”


2018-09-02T15:47:35.395Z INFO vsan-mgmt[EventMonitor] [VsanEventUtil::_triggerVsanHealthCheckEvent opID=noOpId] Trigger VSAN health event based on the last health check result

2018-09-02T15:47:35.398Z INFO vsan-mgmt[EventMonitor] [VsanEventUtil::_generateVcEvent opID=noOpId] Generate VC event for managed object VSAN_Cluster with testName=vSAN Build Recommendation Engine Health, testId=com.vmware.vsan.health.test.vumconfig, preStatus=green, curStatus=yellow

In order to fix this issue, I have gone through all the prerequisites and process again to make sure nothing is missed.

  • Select vSAN Cluster ⇒ Monitor ⇒ vSAN ⇒ Health ⇒ Expand vSAN Build Recommendation
  • Click Login to my.vmware.com and enter username & password for this account

  • After entering the username and password for 2 minutes health check went green but it became warning again stating the same.
  • Checked internet connectivity by selecting vSAN cluster ⇒ Configure ⇒ General. Internet access is enabled and proxy settings are configured.
  • Opened web-browser and logged in to website my.vmware.com, checked that credentials are working fine for my account and it should work to pass the health check too.

  • Now to check internet access again, I navigated to Configure ⇒ Health and Performance and checked HCL Database last updated date by clicking on “Get latest version online” and HCL DB updated correctly and showed last updated “today”

  • I checked that CEIP and other online health checks were updated too
  • I logged into SSH session of vCenter appliance and ran command wget www.vmware.com & wget www.google.com. I got a response for google.com but did not any response for vmware.com
wget http://www.vmware.com


Resolving www.vmware.com... 

Connecting to www.vmware.com| failed: Connection refused.

Connecting to www.vmware.com| failed: Cannot assign requested address.

Connecting to www.vmware.com|failed: Cannot assign requested address.

  • At last I logged into vCenter VAMI page and there was a surprise for me. In the networking section, proxy settings were not configured

  • I checked my proxy type whether it is HTTP or HTTPS plus if it is using any username & password. I entered the details and checked connectivity by running command  “wget www.vmware.com” and “wget www.google.com”
Resolving www.vmware.com... 

Connecting to www.vmware.com|:443... connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK

  • Again, logged into webclient and in health check entered credentials for my.vmware.com. Authentication wizard accepted the credentials & warning never came back.


  • In vCenter VAMI page, same proxy settings can be configured through command line by editing “proxy” file /etc/sysconfig/proxy.
  • If administrators are using Custom CA/Hybrid CA in VC, validate all the certificates in /etc/ssl/certs
  • At last try by patching the vCenter appliance to latest patch available online


I hope this blog post has been informative for you. Thank you for reading!!

Happy learning!!



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