Configuring and testing DHCP Relay in NSX-T

In this blog post, we will see how to configure DHCP relay in NSX-T and how to get it worked. The purpose of DHCP relay in NSX-T is that relay service relays the DHCP requests of the VMs that are
attached to the segment to the remote DHCP servers. The remote DHCP servers can be in
any subnet, outside the SDDC, or in the physical network.

In my topology, DHCP server exists outside of NSX domain, I have two segments created “DHCPRelay-ls and DHCPRelay2-ls”, Clients from these segments will be configured as DHCP clients. Let’s look at the configuration.


Create a DHCP Relay Profile and specify the IP address of external DHCP Server. In my case it is


Navigate to the segments and make sure that segments are attached to the T1-GW. Click on set DHCP config and select DHCP type as “DHCP Relay”. DHCP profile will appear as is and show server IP. Click o n Apply.


I have configured the same for my both segments “DHCPRelay-ls and DHCPRelay2-ls”


VM dhcptest is connected to DHCPRelay-ls (

VM dhcptest2 is connected to DHCPRelay2-ls (

I have powered on the machine and they have got the DHCP IP assigned to them automatically, thanks to DHCP relay. dhcptest has and dhcptest2 has assigned to them.

Look at my DHCP server, I preconfigured the scopes and it also shows the address releases as well.


So, it is easy to setup DHCP relay and local DHCP server options.

Thank you and happy learning!