Configure ESXi host to generate coredump as a file on VMFS

In this blog post we will configure coredump as file on vmfs datastore

  • Enable SSH on the ESXi host
  • Run the below command
  • localcli system coredump file add

It will create default folder under vmfs datastore named “vmkdump” shown as per below:

Run below command to get the list of dump files
[root@ESX003:~] localcli system coredump file list

Path Active Configured Size


/vmfs/volumes/5ac1aba8-5fca6a11-7388-0050560115bc/vmkdump/C1C30F42-7F16-8886-77B2-E51B53171950.dumpfile false false  556793856
Run the below command to set the dump file
[root@ESX003:~] localcli system coredump file set -p /vmfs/volumes/5ac1aba8-5fca6a11-7388-0050560115bc/vmkdump/C1C30F42-7F16-8886-77B2-E51B53

Run below command to verify the dump file activation status
[root@ESX003:~] localcli system coredump file list

Path  Active Configured Size


/vmfs/volumes/5ac1aba8-5fca6a11-7388-0050560115bc/vmkdump/C1C30F42-7F16-8886-77B2-E51B53171950.dumpfile true true 556793856
Run below commands to get the active & configured status
[root@ESX003:~] localcli system coredump file get


Active: /vmfs/volumes/5ac1aba8-5fca6a11-7388-0050560115bc/vmkdump/C1C30F42-7F16-8886-77B2-E51B53171950.dumpfile

Configured: /vmfs/volumes/5ac1aba8-5fca6a11-7388-0050560115bc/vmkdump/C1C30F42-7F16-8886-77B2-E51B53171950.dumpfile

Note: Software iSCSI and Software FCoE are not supported for coredump locations.

I hope this has been informative for you. Thank you for reading!!

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